CPC Practice Exam

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OSCEhome eBook Package This proven, time-efficient “OSCEhome Systematic Approach” may be the solution you’re looking for to put yourself on autopilot mode during OSCE exams. With no need to think WHAT to ask or do, HOW, and WHEN, you can focus on the differentials, clinical decision making, and your performance. With “A Step By Step Guide to Mastering The OSCE & Clinical Patient Encounters”, you can finally find the approach that will protect both the patient and the physician. Learn how to explore the patient’s presenting issues in a limited time frame, covering all the guidelines and checklists. Download “A Step By Step Guide to Mastering the OSCE & Clinical Patient Encounters” today to get a strategy that will outperform the medical interview approach you are currently using, guaranteed. Visit Official Website >>

PA School Interview

PA School Interview Are you preparing to for a PA school interview? While narrative essays, letters of recommendation, GPA and GRE scores are all important, you need to know what really levels the playing field. It’s the PA School Interview. The interview is your time to shine, and the one thing you don’t want to do is blow this opportunity. “Physician Assistant School Interview” is a series of mock interviews where you get to hear the real questions that you’ll be asked and then listen in on the critique process. Find out how to create your own flow and persona, what you you’ll be asked and how you should answer, the importance of body language and eye contact and much more! Get “Physician Assistant School Interview” and get the help you need to get into PA School ASAP! Visit Official Website >>

PMP Exam Simulator

PMP Exam Simulator Would you like to have an “insider’s view” of the Project Management Professional Exam? The “PMP Exam Simulator” includes 6000 unique questions, all similar to the structure and wording used on the real exam. When preparing for the PMP exam, you need to know the answers that PMI wants to see. Don’t get caught unprepared! “PMP Exam Simulator” questions cover all PMBOK knowledge areas according to the PMBOK 4th Edition. Includes questions on Initiating, Project Planning, Execution, Monitoring and Controlling, Closing, Professional Responsibility, and more. Download “PMP Exam Simulator” and start studying for your PMP certification today! Visit Official Website >>

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Writing Historical Fiction

Writing Historical Fiction Are you looking for creative ways to motivate your kids to write? How about traveling through time as they write about their adventures? Join homeschool mom Susan Evans as she teaches this online creative writing course for kids. With costumes and scenery, Susan brings to life each time period as she shows students how to make weak writing stronger. Covering historical periods from Ancient Egypt and Greece through the Revolutionary War, kids have fun increasing their writing skills while traveling through time. For students ages 6-18, “Time Travel: Writing Historical Fiction” can be done once a week for 8 weeks or can be a full one-year curriculum, ending with a fun novel. Get started today! Visit Official Website >>

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A Taste of Russia You can learn real Russian, including slang and the informal language you need, by listening to weekly podcasts about everyday life—relationships, job, sports, traveling, culture, etc. With new podcasts weekly plus access to free full episodes made since 2007, you can learn the real colloquial Russian language that native speakers use in everyday life. Each episode includes immediate access to an mp3 file with a 20-25 minute episode, a 10 minute “Phrase of the Day” and a full text of the episode in PDF format. Join “A Taste of Russian” Premium Podcast to get started today! Visit Official Website >>

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